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Packaging Design

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Great packaging design will help your products stand out and be remembered. 

Plain and simply, good packaging can increase your sales. People do judge a book by it’s cover and they do make purchase decisions based on looks. Not only is packaging design integral for attracting new customers, high-quality packaging plays a big role in driving repeat purchases. 
Want some awesome packaging designing for your product?

Enhance customer experience with bespoke packaging design

The packaging a product comes in can say more about a brand than the rest of it’s marketing combined. Your customers are going to have the packaging in their hands and homes so you need to really think about the messages you want to convey and who you’re conveying them to. 

You can’t be a luxury brand using poor quality, boring packaging.

You can’t be a brand that cares about sustainability and use non-recyclable packaging. 

Not only should your packaging be visually representative of your brand, it should provide an amazing customer experience that makes people excited to come back for more.


Experienced packaging designers & versatile production services

At Prosign Print and Display, we have a wealth of knowledge in printed cartons and packaging. Our team are experts in designing for retail customers whether for signage, displays or packaging. We’re here to guide you on the best designs for your target audience that will make your packaging pop!

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Expert packaging production

We can produce the perfect packaging for your brand using a variety of techniques and pieces of equipment depending on your needs and budget. 

We can offer a one off sample making service either digitally printed or printed on our flatbed litho proofing press. These short run samples can then be cut to shape with our digital CAD Cutting table

For larger runs our Litho printing, die cutting and machine gluing offer you the most cost effective solution.

Image by ANIRUDH

Get in touch with us about your packaging project today!


Large Format Printing, POS, Packaging, Exhibition, Signage Services from Prosign in Nottingham and whole UK.


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