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Office Graphics

Why are office graphics so important for businesses?

Your office should be more than just a space that helps employees get work done. It should communicate your brand values, give visitors a memorable experience and make your office an exciting place to work.

When used correctly, office graphics


  • Showcase your unique brand

  • Inspire your employees to be innovative, productive and excited about their work

  • Make your office (and your business) memorable

Get in touch with Prosign about your office graphics

Utilising a range of print and display techniques, our experienced team can help you design and install graphics around your office that will bring your company culture to the forefront.

Office Wallpaper & Murals

Bring your office to life by turning empty walls into stunning murals showcasing branded graphics, messaging, and photography.

slimming world telephone box wall (2).jpeg

Office Wall Displays

Office wall displays can communicate your brand values, give visitors a memorable experience and make your office an exciting place to work. 


Office Wall Graphics & Vinyls

Individual vinyls and graphics are a fun and simple way to brighten up your office space or add some branding. 


Office Woodwork & Wooden Displays

Bespoke wooden displays and furnishings showcase your brand and can be designed to meet the exact needs of your office.


Office Window Graphics

Add a splash of colour and excitement to your windows and meeting rooms with office window graphics. 


Office Signs

We can manufacture a range of interior and exterior signs to bring your office to life. Use in your reception to highlight your brand identity or on the exterior of your building.


Office 3D Lettering

We manufacture 3D signs using a wide range of materials that can be used both indoors and outdoors to give your office a premium look and bring 2D branding to life.

built up lettering3.jpg

Illuminated Office Signs

Illuminated signs can make your office stand out achieve a luxury vibe in even the darkest, coldest months. 


Acrylic Office Signs

Acrylic signs can serve so many purposes in the office! Including key messaging, directional signs and door plaques. 

acrylic sign1.jpg

Eco-Friendly Office Graphics

Create eco-friendly graphics for your office using one of our ECO materials including

•    Xanita Board
•    Cardboard
•    MDF
•    Polystrene
•    Green Cast Acrylics

Image by Artem Beliaikin

Complete Office Branding

Want a unified approach to your office branding? We can help you design, produce and install all the graphics you need, aligned to your brand values and goals.



Large Format Printing, POS, Packaging, Exhibition, Signage Services from Prosign in Nottingham and whole UK.

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