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Flexographic Printing


We offer flexographic printing services (also known as Flexo) which is a cost-effective way of producing long runs of high-quality print products and is therefore incredibly popular within the packaging industry.  

However, the flexographic printing process can print onto a wide range of printing materials, including plastic, metal, and paper which makes it suitable for industries with non-packaging products including wallpaper, calendars and books.  

What is the Flexographic Printing Process?

A flexographic printer is essentially a modern version of a letterpress using a flexible relief printing plate that rotates at incredible speeds to transfer the ink onto the chosen print surface. Flexographic printing processes use gel layers of ink (rather than liquid) which have faster drying times and are highly desirable in large print runs.   


High-Quality Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing results in a clearly printed image with sharp colour quality and can be configured to print any design for your business. We use the latest flexo printing machine technology to ensure we provide the most innovative, high-quality printing solution for you.  

Interested in how flexographic printing could help your next project? 




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