Xanita Board in Nottingham and Derby, UK

Xanita Print is a rigid high strength sustainable closed-cell fibre board for a wide range of POS and display applications, exhibitions, shop-fit

Key Features

  • Made from 100% post-consumer kraft
  • Fully recyclable and repulpable alongside normal paper waste
  • FSC certified virgin fibre (outer liners)
  • ECF certified (elemental chlorine free)
  • VOC free adhesives
  • Re-usable
  • Flat packable and lightweight to transport
  • It’s strong! Whilst 75% lighter than equivalent thickness MDF Xanita is incredibly strong
  • Excellent crush strength / crush resistance. Far superior to honeycomb boards
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Good moisture and humidity strength in indoor environments. Excellent stability and will not warp in variable room conditions
  • Direct printable by UV flatbed and silk-screen.
  • Easily CNC cut to 3-dimensional shapes