Board Printing in Nottingham and Derby, UK

If a large format job can be printed digitally, it most likely can be produced on our new Océ Arizona 480 XT printer. With the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects we are able to produce stunning graphics ranging from standard sign and display (POP/POS, retail signage, backlit signs) to specialty and industrial applications where the decorated substrate is not meant primarily for display purposes (e.g. package prototyping, short-run packaging, wallpaper and interior decoration, and consumer product decoration).

With our Océ Arizona 480 XT printer, full mixed-media campaigns can be produced including rigid displays, banners, window cling, backlits, posters and much more.

What made us chose the Oce Arizona 480XT After 6 months of looking at various manufacturers machines and putting them all through our own tests, it became very clear that the quality and versatility that the Oce Arizona 480XT could offer Prosign would make a big difference to our production capabilities, improve our quality and turn around times. Those three improvements were what we were initially looking for, but when you add an increased rigid sheet size of 3050 x 2500mm up to a thickness of 50mm and the ability to print with a double opaque white ink, this decision was made very easy for us.

The Oce Arizona 480XT is a true UV flat bed press and therefore front to back registration on double sided prints is 100% accurate on every single sheet.

Our new Océ Arizona 480 XT has won 30 industry awards from organisations throughout the world for image quality, robust architecture and reliability


  • Double-opacity White ink support available
  • CM² for beautifully smooth production printing
  • Active pixel placement compensation
  • Extra large table: 2.5 x 3.05 m / 98.4 x 120 in
  • Up to 34.2 m² / 368 ft² per hour

Products and services

Retail POS/POP
Point-of-Sale advertisements must grab the attention of passing customers in less than a second. Vivid colours, fresh and attractive designs and clear messaging can lead to an impulse buy. Point-of-Sale advertisements, window graphics, near-by viewed in-store POP, in-store labelling and even store decoration can all be produced perfectly on our Océ Arizona UV flatbed printer on both rigid or flexible media.

Interior Decoration
Today’s strong trend towards more individualisation is often reflected in the way people decorate their living spaces, increasing the demand for customised and personalised interior home decoration fixtures such as wallpaper, door designs, kitchen fittings. This gives fantastic growth opportunities for Prosign in the interior decoration markets.

Photo & Fine Art
With Prosigns new Arizona UV flatbed printer, we can use coloured layers in combination with white flood and spot layers to print fine life-like images in perfect registration in a single print pass. Photo and fine-art prints stand out in stunning detail, sharpness, colour richness and smooth colour transitions. Special effects are often achieved with these high quality images by printing directly onto transparent media.

Exhibition & Event Graphics
At events your stand design and campaign graphics need to generate attention and create a lasting impact. Customers are looking for vivid colours, creative eye-catching designs, corporate styles, product promotions and many more types of graphics. Almost everything on your stand can be printed with our new Arizona flatbed printer, from wallpaper, to display stands, floor decoration, and pull-up banners.

Outdoor Signage
Outdoor signage and advertising is incredibly rich and diverse and allows a unique spectrum of creativity for customers and designers to play with. Outdoor signage produced on our Océ Arizona UV flatbed printer include way-finding signs, corporate signage, billboards, fleet graphics, street furniture end many more creative outdoor applications.

Specialty Applications
In industrial and production oriented environments, digital flatbed printing increases the freedom of product design and makes prototyping, personalised or customised production economically feasible. Speciality applications are very diverse and include digital masking, membrane switch overlays, glass printing, and many more, all these are possible on our new machine.

Product Decoration
The demand for personalised or customised products is ignited by the way people want to give a personal touch to their homes, offices or public areas. Personalised furniture, digital paintings, custom photo frames, wall stickers, personalised interior accessories, special lights and custom signage are just a few examples of what you can produce on our Océ Arizona printer.

For further information or to arrange a visit to our state of art display facility please contact us, or visit us at, Follow us on Facebook where we add weekly photos of our work.